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New Cruiser: Expeditions

The travels of an all aluminum Land Cruiser and its owners…

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A few days ago I wrote a page about donating to our trip to South America this year. Since then, I’ve thought it would be better fitting to write about who has helped us this far. Here goes…

People who have donated money to our trip: Bruce Loewen

Peter & Marion (Robin’s parents): for helping us move out of (and clean) our house; for letting us stay with them for 2 weeks immediately before leaving on our trip; for use of their driveway & garage to work on the truck; for use of their vehicle; for looking after our cats for 7 months, and a million other things … there are just too many things to mention. They are amazing!

Dick and Sue: for putting Robin up at their house for a week while he completed the work on the truck in Courtenay.

KWL Consulting Engineers & Dillon Consulting Limited: our employers who provided us with a leave-of-absence, thereby making this trip a reality.

Christine (Robin’s sister): for spending one of her well-deserved “days off” packing up our house and helping us move. She’s awesome.

Wolf Manufacturing: based out of Merville, BC, for helping with getting our truck ready for the trip.

Noreen (Raenelle’s mom): for receiving all manner of packages that were shipped to her in the USA, and forwarding them on to us; helping with ordering supplies online; challenging us to consider the aspects of our trip that needed to be considered before leaving; and for overall support & enthusiasm. She’s great!

Havi & Allen (our good friends who also like to travel to far-off places): for all their support & encouragement; for all sorts of assistance from giving us packing boxes to having us stay with them for a few days; to providing us with a most amazing gift that will make our trip more memorable. Thanks H&A!

Leseen (Raenelle’s sister): for offering to house-sit our gazillion house plants; and for offering to look after our cats if they don’t settle well at Robin’s parents house!

Brady & Doug: for being good friends; challenging us in the right way; for making good use of our hot tub while we’re away; for good food & great conversation; and for taking our minds off ‘work, work, work’ for a while!

Tabe Johnston: for lending us his welder so that we could install our turbo in Vancouver.

Michelle & Dave: for making us an amazing dinner a couple of nights before we moved!

THANK YOU Everyone! We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us! We hope you enjoy the travel updates and photos to come in the next few months!