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Peruvian Andes

Written by Raenelle on Tuesday, November 25, 2008
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Prior to hitting the big city of Lima, we took a side trip to Caraz in the Andes.  We enjoyed ourself very much in the small quaint mountain town that we landed up staying close to a week there!  Although this time of year was not the best weather, we landed up with quite a few gorgeous sunny days.

Lago 69In addition to some day trips driving around the Cordillera Negra mountain range (where we clocked 500,000 km on our motor), we also explored a local hydroelectric project, and did a wonderful day hike to a high alpine lake in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range.

These are some high mountain ranges!  Although the town of Caraz was at a relatively low elevation (just less than 3,000m, I think), the surrounding mountains quickly rise to 6,000m and higher!

Our day hike of choice was to a small unnamed alpine lake, otherwise known as “Lago 69” or “Lake 69”.  To get to the trailhead, we drove high into the mountains into a national park, through a gorgeous valley, and past two pretty lakes.  The hike started at around 4,000m elevation.

It turned out to be a 7 hour, 16km hike, including about 600-700m elevation gain.  It took us past bRunningeautiful waterfalls, strange plants and animals that we had never seen before, and also involved the opportunity to get charged by a few angry cows (at the beginning of the hike) that didn´t like the presence of Loca on their turf!  The weather was amazing, and we enjoyed a hot lunch of soup and potatoes overlooking the lake and rapidly retreating glacier before heading back to the truck.

We were tired by the time we got back … but not as tired as Loca who had probably travelled three times the distance, given all of her running back and forth!

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