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Written by Robin on Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You know, I’ve got a lot of stories. Sometimes we’re sitting around talking with friends and they come up – you don’t realize how many there are until you start talking about them.

There was the woman in Guerrero Negro who warmed the coals up on the stove with a hair dryer. Odd, but boring.

There was Cisco in Belize, the family who constructed most of the highways in the country. Neet, but you can probably read about him in past entries.

There’s the time we met up with Expeditions West and friends by chance in the Baja. Good experience, great people. Definitely worth writing about, it’s on my list (in fact the whole Baja 2005 trip is on my list…a bit tardy with that one).

Jim, Dianne, and their wolfdogs in Yuma? Getting warmer…but I want something better. Something bigger and juicier to write about. I don’t have the best prose in the world, my diction is a bit off (can you even say that?). At best writing is a challenge, and now it’s even worse; life just seems dull and a bit lame right now. Maybe it’s late. I’m probably tired.

So I just finished a great dinner with close friends. We sat on the stoop, a beautiful warm, Vancouver evening. The concrete was still hot underneath. People walking their dogs, grandparents walking their grandchildren, the symphony of fire is exploding in the background, the kittens are mewing sweetly in their little bed. This is usual for me – what could be better? I have a good life. Really!

Think back if you can. You were 3, maybe 4 years old. You scraped your knee, your sister took your favourite toy, you took something you weren’t supposed to. And your mother comforted you. She came to you and wrapped you up in her warm arms, you can hear her heart quietly beating. She’s humming a quiet tune, rocking you back and forth, back and forth, and lulling…yes you’re being lulled to sleep.


Be careful. It’s tempting, and it sure is comfortable. But at the end of the day, we make our choices, and we live with them. Always is the quiet whisper of comfort and routine, safety and security, the warm, even, and predictable heartbeat of life putting…you…to…sleep…

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