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Welcome to Bolivia

Written by Raenelle on Friday, March 20, 2009
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Eager to reach Bolivia, we zipped past Lake Titicaca and dashed for the Bolivia border.  But, we were stopped one last time by the Peruvian police, and also had to navigate our way through a protest, where the people of the town had covered the highway with large rocks and broken glass to prevent traffic from moving.  When we reached Bolivia, we were greeted by a ramshacle border town, with garbage (and pigs) everywhere, and run down buildings.  It seemed as though all the glass windows in the town were broken!

TiredThe border crossing was simple enough … a couple of stamps in our passports, and 20 minutes getting the paperwork for the truck done (once we found the right office in town, which was a bit of a challenge!).  The dog, as per usual, was not mentioned, and so she didn’t present a problem.  Before we knew it, we were heading off on the well-paved highway … towards the capital city of La Paz.

We were briefly stopped by the Bolivian highway police, and we gave them a few of our Peruvian coins which made them happy enough.  It was soon nightfall, but we pushed on, and got to La Paz around 9pm.  Luckily, we accidentally got onto the Autopista (rapid toll highway) that jetted us through the outskirts of town (without letting us off it for about 7km).  The Autopista abruptly ended, and spat us out into an unknown neighbourhood that landed up being surprisingly safe and relatively clean (by Bolivian standards).  We found a great hotel where we landed up staying for 4 nights while I recovered from a stomach bug.

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