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The Eastern Cape Region, Baja California

Written by Raenelle on Friday, October 17, 2003
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We’ve just been watching a very cute hermit crab for the last half hour or so. He was very shy and it took him forever to come out of his shell. Lucky for him, we returned him to the ocean .. unlike the other crabs that we caught yesterday afternoon – let’s just say we had great crab for dinner!

Cape Region BeachWe’re in the southern tip of Baja and are enjoying the sun, beaches and surf. The water is really warm and we’ve been in and out of the ocean for the past few days. We’ve crossed the Tropic of Cancer, so we’re officially in the Neotropics now! It’s very hot and there are lots of bugs, so we are careful to choose a nice breezy location on the beach at which to make camp. Our awning which forms a shelter out the back of the truck has proved to be most useful – although we haven’t hit any real rain so far, it’s wonderful to sit under in the shade on hot sunny days!

We’re heading to MAINLAND MEXICO on Monday (Oct 20th)!! We are catching the ferry from Baja across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan on the mainland. The trip takes about 18 hours, and we are really looking forward to it. It is going to save us at least 10 days in travel time, and lots of gas money since we won’t have to drive all the way back up the Baja and down the coast of mainland Mexico (more than 4000km). We scored the most amazing deal with the ferry – there was a special offer, and we paid $202 USD for the truck, a cabin with private bathroom, and meals on board the ferry. We’ll let you know how the trip goes!
At the moment, we’re enjoying our last few days here in Baja. What a wonderful place this is, and the people are so friendly. I am sure we will come back again sometime, as it’s one of those places you can keep returning to again and again. The southern tip of Baja, or the “Cape” region is relatively built up, with lots of Americans, (or ‘gringos’ as the locals call them), who have snapped up the best beachfront property along the Sea of Cortez. Apparantly the fishing is very good in this area, and along with the sandy beaches and warm water it is clearly a popular place to settle.

A hurricane came through the southern tip of Baja a couple of weeks ago, and caused some mHurricane Damageajor damage to most of the villages and tourist towns along the coast. All of the palm trees are looking pretty sad right now with brown leaves (or no leaves at all), and lots of houses are damaged. All of the rain that came along with the hurricane has washed out major sections of the dirt roads that run right along the coast to little villages and it is not unusual to see a huge hole where the road once was! Regardless, we are able to navigate around most of them, and alot of the places we go are inaccessible to most vehicles!

Okay, Robin is swimming in the swells, and about 300 bright yellow butterflies (‘mariposas’ – in Spanish) are fluttering along the beach. Time to go play.

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