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The Desert of Miracles

Written by Robin on Sunday, October 12, 2003
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In the morning, Marina told us to look around – and we did. The desert was green. Over the past few weeks, for some godly reason the skies chose to let loose – for the first time in 7 years. There are Mexican children who saw the rain for the first time. The hardy seeds from the plants sit under the sand waiting patiently for the fateful day, and when it comes they grow in plenty; much like the short summer bloom of the arctic tundra, the post rainy desert is a rare sight.

BerrendoA berrendo deer. And in the corral we saw the protected Berrendo’s. 89 of them in total were a beautiful sight. We climbed into the work truck with Ramone, and he took us around the ranch where we watered their drinking troughs. There is a lookout tower in the camp that we climbed to get a full view of the desert and scope for new Berrendos. Mostly we saw only cows, and a hummingbird with colours unlike at home.

And then in the afternoon it was time to leave. We said goodbye to our new friends – it was sad to leave them. We headed south and west to the coast again, found a fishing village and camped at a few different spots along the coast. Really, this is the life.

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