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San Ignacio, Baja California

Written by Robin on Monday, October 13, 2003
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San Ignacio is an oasis in the desert. A river runs through it, fed by the sierras. The settlers brought date palms to the area and now the town is nestled right in the middle of a huge grove of them. There was no where to camp for free in the town, so after eating an ice cream in the town square, we headed out.

San IgnaciousIt began to get dark and we still hadn’t found a spot to camp. We realized that there was going to be little in the way of side roads before the ocean (we were heading for the east coast of the peninsula). You have to understand that even though the highway is well paved and well marked, there are no shoulders – the white line on the side is painted about 1 inch from the edge of the asphalt. Beyond that there is a steep slope down to the desert, driveable, but there would be damage at any speed over 10 km/h. The point is that driving at night on the highway is difficult, especially if you are looking for a place to turn off. We waited for the next “dip” sign (the one that sends you into a dip designed to carry flood water over the pavement, instead of a culvert as would be seen in Canada) and turned off. In the dark we locked the hubs and put the New Cruiser in 4wd and crawled up the rocky (boulders inclusive) and sometimes sandy river bed, now dry from the recent floods. What a lot of fun! After we were about 800 metres from the highway we found a flat spot in the boulders and set up the tent. With stars out we sat drinking hot chocolate until we could no longer bear the bugs and went to sleep.

The morning was beautiful, and we found we were in a canyon with volcanic rocks up the sides. I climbed them and got a good view of the desert. We packed up, and headed for the sea, once again.

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