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Field Repair – Hole in a Battery

Written by Robin on Saturday, October 4, 2003
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What do you do when you are sitting by the truck, and you hear a sizzling sound. The truck has been off for a day at least. Hmm. Start by opening the hood and taking a look around. After a short inspection, you might see a surplus of white crystals around one of your battery trays. Hmm again. That doesn’t look quite right. Upon disconnecting the ground wire, the sizzling stops. Another look reveals the battery tie-down bolt has vibrated off. Apparently washboard roads ARE good for something.

Take the battery out, and find a hole in the bottom corner of it. A chip off the edge. I wonder if we’ll have any juice in this thing to start off tomorrow. It’s too late to go anywhere now. Besides, who in the middle of nowhere Baja can produce a spare battery?Fixed Battery

Ok, so what can we do. Maybe silicone the hole closed? Might work. Probably won’t. Duct tape? Not likely. Weld it? Well there’s an idea. The plastic handle is probably the same type of plastic as the case. I do have that propane torch nozzle in my tool kit, and a spare portable propane tank…let’s give it a try.  I hope it doesn’t blow up in my face.

After cleaning up the hole, bringing the child plastic (a piece of the battery handle) up to temperature, and pre-heating the battery itself, the hole seemed to close up pretty well.  I was really careful not to direct the flame into the battery where explosive hydrogen gas can lie. So no explosions, everything is fine.

There was a lot of lost liquid though, so it probably won’t hold its charge. Too bad it’s got a sealed lid. Maybe there’s a way to open it. I think the manufacturer told me not to. Best to wait. The truck starts, the hole is fixed. We’ll be able to get to a town, from there I can get the help we need.

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