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Cabo San Quintin, Baja California

Written by Raenelle on Sunday, October 5, 2003
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We’ve spent 3 glorious days here on a long sandy beach in an ecological reserve on a long thin peninsula. We’ve spent some time walking in the sand dunes to the other side of the peninsula, and have identified a number of animal tracks in the sand along the way. We reckon there’s lots of little mice running around our campsite (and all over the dunes) at night! It’s been sunny for the past 2 days for a change, Pismo Clamsand we’ve enjoyed lazing around in the sun and taking long walks on the beach. This beach is inundated with large – very large – clams. They’re called pismo clams, and they are often at least the size of your hand. They just wash up on shore at high tide, and the locals come driving along the beach with their vehicles and pick them up. There are always so many clams that even after the locals have collected them and the birds have feasted all day (it’s funny to see seagulls trying to open the clams by dropping them in mid flight onto soft sand!), there are always tons left lying on the beach! But the locals seem quite dedicated to collecting the clams – we often saw the headlights of a vehicle moving down the beach at 9pm or 10pm with three or four people hopping out to collect clams. Wonder how many clams are out there? This seems to have been going on for years, and there appears to be no end of the large clams – for now at least!

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