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Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

Written by Raenelle on Saturday, October 18, 2003
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Although we were aware that Cabo San Lucas was a major tourist destination, we were still surprised by what awaited us in this city. A well paved divided highway with bridges (it was the first road we’ve seen that was actually engineered!) took us into town where bright parasailers, jetskiers, snorkellers, scuba divers, small cruise boats, water taxis, and swimmers all frolicked in the relatively small bay! After finding a small campground/motel to camp at, we headed off to explore downtown before it got too dark.

The downtown area of Cabo San Lucas was packed with seafood restaurants, Mexican restaCabo San Lucasurants and small stores selling all sorts of Mexican trinkets and souveniers under the sun. It was impossible to walk one block down the street without being harrassed by street vendors trying to pull you into their stores (sometimes physically!). Little children about 5 or 6 years old continually approached us trying to sell us necklaces and ornaments until well into the night. After a nice seafood dinner, we headed back to the campground where there was a pool, and we swam and met some of the other residents. Dan and Sonya were both from Victoria, BC, and were working in Cabo San Lucas for a few months teaching english, and surfing in their free time. Two other girls had arrived a few days before us – from where? Oh, Victoria, BC, of course! Apparantly there was also a guy from Maple Ridge kicking around, but we didn’t meet him! Apparantly it is a very small world – or so it seemed in Cabo San Lucas.

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