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Cabo del Sol Timeshare

Written by Raenelle on Sunday, October 19, 2003
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We only had one full day in Cabo San Lucas, and we spent it doing the most interesting stuff. You’re really gonna shake your head at this!

During our stroll downtown, we met Alex, who roped us into going to see a timeshare the following morning. Well, I’m not sure if that’s right way to phrase it – let’s just say that we were really skeptical about the whole thing, and it took alot of convincing from Alex before we agreed to go! We didn’t want to spend most of our only day in town looking at a timeshare we had no intention of purchasing!Boat Cruise

Cab del Sol is a beautiful private resort right on the ocean. We were taken to the resort by taxi, treated to a buffet breakfast and we spoke to a great guy, Manuel, about the resort. We told him we were not interested in buying right now, but that we were very interested in learning about the place and looking around (which we were – it was very well designed and quite pretty). Manuel gave us a map and we went for a walk around the place checking out the whale watching tower and the different rooms.

When we left the resort (we declined the offer to stay and use the pool and facilities for the day), we were handed free gifts for coming to see the place – a free boat trip for both of us in a little glass bottomed water taxi including snorkelling gear and drop-off and pick-up at the snorkelling site, a free evening cruise on a yacht including dinner and music on board, and two Mexican blankets. So, we hopped back into the free taxi and were downtown by 11am to go snorkelling!

We spent about 2.5 hours snorkelling the little coves and rocky crevices in the bay and we saw some of the most amazing tropical fish. In the evening, the boat cruise was entertaining – with good fooCabo Crazinessd and music and we met two wonderful people, Loris and Carole, from San Diego who we are hoping to visit on our way back through the states in January. After lots of swimming in the pool back at the campground (it was so hot), we were very happy to be heading north out of Cabo San Lucas the next morning. Although we had a great time, with lots of free activities and entertainment, it was too much of a false impression of Mexico, catered too much to tourists with too much materialistic junk for our liking. Besides – the little six year old boy that almost fell asleep at our table (we were having dinner at about 9pm) while trying to sell us trinkets made us sad that tourists have upset these little children’s traditional way of life so much.

Here ends our trip of the Baja. Tomorrow we will be heading off on the ferry to mainland Mexico, and will continue our adventure on the other side of the Sea of Cortez. No doubt it will be very different to Baja.

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