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Roca Blanca, Mexico

Written by Raenelle on Sunday, October 26, 2003
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We spent 2 nights in Playa Roca Blanca, and what a treat it was! Roca Blanca is a small little village on the ocean that has large rocks off one point of the beach, and HUGE waves that crash along the entire beach that circles the bay. We camped on the beach the first night and made friends with ‘Diesel’ – a very cute and Diesel the dogfriendly stray dog that decided to adopt us and he stood guard of our tent all night (okay, he slept like a log, but boy did he have a bark!). ‘Diesel’ was covered in diesel oil when we found him, and we spent some time giving him a scrub-down which he didn’t like too much at the time, but was a much happier doggie afterwards. The following morning on our way out of town we stopped off at a little beach restaurant for some tea and coffee where I had met some fishermen the night before. Well, we were quickly charmed by a very friendly Mexican family who own the restaurant. Jose is a fisherman who catches fish and other edible critters while scuba diving, Lulu is a primary school teacher, and their two daughters Brianda (18) was finishing school and preparing for a year in the military next year (voluntarily of course, as women are not required to serve military duty), and Marie-Antoinette (13) in high school.

We were quickly convinced that we should spent the day with them at Roca Blanca. It was Sunday, which is an important day to relax and spend time with family in Mexico. We all relaxed under the shade of theirHammock relaxation palm-leaf roofed restaurant with soft cool sand underfoot, comfortable inviting hammocks swaying in the breeze, and waves crashing on the beach in front of us. We had a wonderful early afternoon meal followed by a ciesta (well, me at least) – Robin was busy learning Spanish with Lulu and Brianda! In the evening, our new friends insisted that we spend the night at their home, so we went left the beach and relaxed on their beautiful large verandah (also scattered with hammocks) at home, sipping tea and coffee, munching sugar coated baked goodies, and chatting about this and that.

For those of you reading this who are planning a trip to Mexico, all we can say is “Go to Roca Blanca”. You really will not be disappointed – especially if you head to Jose and Lulu’s Restaurant Mariscos Roca Blanca on the beach. Not only can they serve almost any seafood you can think of, but they also offer boat tours, sport fishing and scuba diving. We saw some kayaks and surfboards at the restuarant too, and it would be a great place to surf or boogie board … if the waves were a little bit smaller!

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