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New Cruiser: Expeditions

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Puerto Vallarta to Coyuquilla, Mexico

Written by Raenelle on Friday, October 24, 2003

In the morning, Andrew headed off into town (Puerto Vallarta was his final destination), and Chris came along for a ride with us for a few hours before jumping ship at a lovely bay. We continued our journey south and discovered that the roads were only getting more and more windy along the way! After staying overnight in a little room in a small beach town (there were no campgrounds and we bargained the price way down), we Coyoquillacontinued south the following day. We camped overnight with a family near Coyuquilla on the beachfront – Orlando, Orinellia, Dario, and a nameless baby (apparantly babies are only named at 18 months of age here). While practicing our Spanish skills, and just before going to sleep for the night about 6 armed military men came through the property. They were looking for men who were stealing the ‘tortugas’ (turtles) from the beach. Apparantly people like to eat the turtles, but the military was out in full force. I’m still not sure whether they really care about the welfare of the turtle that much, or whether the military is just bored and is trying to keep itself occupied. Military service is mandatory for all boys 18 years of age, and there seems to be a bunch of youngsters proudly sporting the dark green military uniforms with rifles slung over their shoulders!

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