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Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Written by Raenelle on Wednesday, October 22, 2003
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The ferry across the Sea of Cortez took about 18 hours and it was the most amazing trip. We met Charlie and Lucy from California who were spending one year in Mexico; John and Leslie and their six-year-old twins, Victoria and Brooklyn, from Texas who were spending a year in Mexico and Central America; Andrew from California who was driving a friend’s vehicle down to Puerto Vallarta; and Christine from Canada (Squamish, BC) who was travelling for 6 months with her surfboard, and planning to go to Spanish school in Guatemala for 2 months.

We hFour Amigosad a wonderful dinner on board the ferry with some of our new-found friends, and watched a beautiful sunset, sunrise, birds diving for fish, and the Sea of Cortez go by. After docking in Mazatlan in the morning, we checked out the town with Andrew and Chris, and did some laundry (yay – clean clothes at last!) before heading off to camp for the night. In the morning, we started out long drive to Puerto Vallarta. Although only 450 km, it took us 8 hours! We were driving in tandem with Andrew and Chris so that we could stick together in Puerto Vallarta. After booking into a cheap hotel room in Puerto Vallarta we walked down the road to find some dinner. Pepe’s Tacos lured us into their busy little restarant where we were treated to the best tacos ever!

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