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Ferry: La Paz to Mazatlan, Mexico

Written by Robin on Monday, October 20, 2003
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Choosing to take the Baja ferry across the Sea of Cortez can be a big decision. First of all you don’t know quite what to expect. Here is how it worked for us: We purchased our tickets a few days in advance since we were leaving La Paz for a few days in the interim, and didn’t want to purchase them the day we arrived back. The ferry only travels on certain days of the week, one sailing on each of those days. Departure was scheduled for 3 pm, and we were told to be in the lineup for 11:30 am.

We arrived in the “lineup” (no one was there) at noon. We were ushered over to the scale so that they could weigh and measure the truck. We had a ticket purchased for a vehicle under 5 metres. If we had been over 5 metres when they measured us, I’m not sure if we would have had to pay more money or not.

We were then asked to present our vehicle importation permit which we did and there was no hassle. The man waved in the general Mexican way for us to generally head “over there” into the lineup. Well, “over there” was a large open space, with no markings, and a few military men lounging around. We drove in circles a few times, and landed up in the general vicinity of the ferry. No one seemed to know where we should be, so we parked. Presently a couple from the USA came up and told us that they had generally been told to go “over to the other there” so we did too.

We sat for the next 2.5 hours, and then I drove onto the ferry backwards along with tractor trailers. No trucks actually go on the ferry, it’s only the trailers that do. The trailers are backed on with a mule tractor. The car deck is only one deck high, and much smaller than a BC Ferry. There is no ventilation, so the fumes are quite noxious on the vehicle deck. After parking the truck I walked off the ferry, and joined Raenelle in the walk-on passenger lineup, from which we boarded.

At about 3:30 pm we departed. Right on Mexican time. The ferry was virtually empty.

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