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New Cruiser: Expeditions

The travels of an all aluminum Land Cruiser and its owners…

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Family, family, everyone has family. Our family is scattered far and wide … across the province, across the continent, and across the oceans. Getting together often involves a long drive, ferry trips, flights, or a combination of these!


Christmas 2002 (2 Posts): Christmas 2002 involved a circle-route roadtrip from Vancouver to Seattle, Montana, Calgary, Rocky Mountains, and Mackenzie, BC. It was a wonderful mix of quality time to ourselves; visits with family; and a bit of exploring and camping thrown in for good measure!

Christmas 2007 (3 Posts): The family all gathered up in Mackenzie at Heather & Al's house this year. All the Ankersens, the Millers, Christine, and of course us. 2800km and 42 driving hours later, another wonderful roadtrip undertaken, a new part of the province explored, and another opportunity to get away from it all.