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New Cruiser: Expeditions

The travels of an all aluminum Land Cruiser and its owners…

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South America 2008

Finally, the student loans are paid off: we are ready to go on a longer expedition. We are planning 6-7 months in South America, starting in July 2008. The trip will probably involve driving both ways to and from Vancouver, although it’s possible we may ship the vehicle on the way home. We’re just in the planning stages now, so read up on the posts to come.

South America 2008

Getting Ready to Go (12 Posts): Have you ever asked yourself how to go travelling? Do you have friends that seem to just "pick up and go", leaving the jobs, mortgages, family and friends back home? We ask this ourselves all the time, but we don't stop there. We make it happen - it's a priority for us - travelling to South America this year is going to be really exciting. Just ask Black cat.

Canada to Panama (17 Posts): This is the start of our journey to South America. You will find posts here documenting our southbound trip from Canada to Panama.

Colombia (9 Posts): Filled with beautiful friendly people who are quick with a smile and a wave. Good food, gorgeous scenery and old colonial Spanish cities. Forget what you´ve heard about this country. We got to see the real Colombia that you don´t hear about in the news ...

Ecuador (9 Posts): Ecuador is place full of peaceful and considerate people. From the tranquil Pacific Coast, to the high reaches of the Andes and into the Amazon, this is a country that you really need to see.

Peru (13 Posts):

Bolivia (2 Posts): Our time in Bolivia was spent exploring the western part of the country ... from the Amazon in the north to the Salar de Uyuni in the south. Wherever we went, we were surrounded by astounding scenery ... from the world's most biodiverse ecosystem in the north to (surely) the most ecologically dead in the south!