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New Cruiser: Expeditions

The travels of an all aluminum Land Cruiser and its owners…

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About Us

We have developed this truck to satisfy our vision of a true expedition vehicle. However if there is enough interest in this truck, and people want one for themselves then we will have to reasses our situation…ok it’s a dream we know, but hey, we’ve realized at least this much of it so far!

Who We Are:

Robin – works as a design engineer at a water resources firm in Burnaby.

Raenelle – works as a biologist for an Environmental Engineering firm in the Richmond.

The two of us have spent considerable time travelling together in our smaller 40 series Land Cruiser (the short wheelbase type). In doing so we realized that it was simply too little and too noisy to maintain sanity, so one day we sat down and drew up some sketches of what we would like in a truck. We spent some time examining other 4 wheel drives, both custom built and manufactured. We drew from all of them what we considered to be the best features of each, and implemented them into the New Cruiser.


The truck was built in cooperation with Wolf Manufacturing, an aluminum boat maker. Wolf has over 29 years in the marine fabrication industry and is known for his beautiful hull design complemented with incredibly even and strong welds. Bill, who also works for Wolf Manufacturing, has many years of knowledge in working with aluminum, rebuilding automobiles, boats, engines, wiring, and is full of general knowledge that is always good to know.