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Family Fun in Mackenzie

Written by Raenelle on Friday, December 28, 2007

There was lots of snow in Mackenzie, which made it a great winter getaway experience for us! I’ve realized that I would much rather have it snow in the winter rather than rain! Our first day in Mackenzie was spent relaxing and hanging out. In the evening as the sun was setting, we went out with Heather and baby Cora to do some cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. After sunset, the full moon came out, lighting up the snow around us, and casting shadows from the patches of trees through which we skied. Rose & Pat (and kids) from Seattle arrived later, and before we knew it, the house was filled with wonderful sounds of children and excitement.

The next few days were spent relaxing with family, having wonderful meals, good conversation, and lots of outdoor activities. On two separate occasions, we made trips to the large toboggan hill just a few minutes drive from Heather and Al’s house. For hours and hours, we slid down the hill on crazy carpets and sleds in a variety of combinations … adults with kids, kids with kids, adults with adults, on bellies, on knees, on bums, getting spun around as we slid down the hill, going backwards, and falling head-over-heels … Then getting up, covered in snow, laughing our heads off, as we stood up and dusted off the snow from our weary limbs, and then climbed up the hill again. There’s nothing like a great crazy carpet ride to bring out a smile and laughter from everyone!In addition to crazy carpeting and sledding, Eleanor and Pat spent many hours downhill skiing, Rose and Raenelle went snowshoeing, Heather & family and Rose & Lauren went cross-country skiing, and Christine took rookie snowboarders Sarah, Rebeccah and Raenelle to the slopes to show us her tips on how to snowboard!

Robin and I took a drive around the outskirts of Mackenzie exploring the logging roads to see where they would lead us. Although there was about a foot of snow on the roads, we discovered that it was fairly easy driving, and amazingly grippy! We checked out the area north of Mackenzie, the BC hydro camping area (which was snowed in and closed for the season), and the area south of town where we crossed a long causeway across Williston Lake.After almost a week in Mackenzie, it was time to leave and head south towards home again. But we had 4 days left before we had to be back home, and we had decided to do some camping on the way home.

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