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Lima and Beyond …

Written by Raenelle on Sunday, January 11, 2009
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After a brief encounter with the Peruvian police, we spent an enjoyable evening camping in a beautiful National Reserve near the coast just north of the capital city, Lima.  The National Reserve was a small pocket of high animal and plant biodiversity located in the middle of the desert.  The ecosystem is maintained by moisture brought onshore daily by the coastal fog.  It really was an interesting site … despite the fact that we discovered Loca playing with a scorpion, and that the vegetation near our campsite rustled with the presence of some unknown critter at night!

Lomas de LajayOur desire was to steer clear of Peru’s capital city, Lima, however we were required to enter this chaotic city in order to pick up a small electrical truck part that had been shipped to us from home.  At the same time, we decided to get some maintenance work done on the truck at an upper-market fancy Toyota dealership.  Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out as we had hoped … the work on the truck turned into a bit of a disaster (apparently fancy Toyota dealerships do the same shoddy mechanical work that we’ve experienced throughout Central and South America so far … they just charge more for it!).  We finally hit the road again, eager to see the big city fade into the distance behind us.  A number of bad experiences over the previous few days resulted in us leaving Lima rather frustrated, in foul moods, and in a rather negative head space.  We were eager to leave Peru as quickly as possible, but the driving is fairly slow, and we were inevitably stuck for a few more weeks!

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