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Duke Energy and Lago Paròn

Written by Raenelle on Thursday, November 27, 2008
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The hydroelectric project near Caraz was an interesting situation that we tried to explore in some detail, but with only mixed success. BlockadeApparently, the owner and operator of the hydroelectric project, Duke Energy, had extracted water from a beautiful alpine lake at a rate that has drawn the lake down to very low levels over the past few years. The locals, who rely on the lake for drinking water and for tourism, were very unhappy about the situation, so a few months ago they took control and blockaded the road to the lake, preventing all access to the lake. Unfortunately, Duke Energy would not talk to us, and would not even give us a tour of their facility, which is unfortunate, because it was a very interesting project, with tunnels conveying water, and the powerhouse situated within the canyon walls. It was a big project, and would have been interesting to see, especially since this is Robin’s type of work! Damn man … I wanted to see the monstrous Pelton Wheels!

On a positive note, we drove up to the blockade on the road, and spent the better part of the day with theFill up locals who were manning the blockade. After several hours, they agreed to take us up to the lake and show us the situation. We were escourted to the beautiful lake, which was definitely alot lower than it had been in previous years. We did not get a clear understanding of exactly what the locals hoped to achieve, but it appeared as though their intention was to maintain the blockade until the lake was refilled … possibly a few years. We also discovered that they were not talking to Duke Energy because they had no interest in discussing the issue with Duke. This baffled us. Also, the fact that the locals were restricting access to all tourists (their source of revenue) … for fear that someone from Duke Energy might pose as a tourist and get access … also baffled us. Well, let’s just say there were alot of things that baffled us about this situation, and leave it at that!

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