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Desert Camping, Northern Peru

Written by Raenelle on Tuesday, November 25, 2008
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We discovered a dirt road that headed eastwards from the coast into the desert, so we followed our noses and were soon surrounded by gorgeous desert scenery.  The road very quickly deteriorated into a dry river bed that got progressively narrower and narrower as we continued along the way. After a few dead-ends, we managed to navigate our way about 25km through the river beds before setting camp for the night.

PackingIt was very hot, and wherever we stopped, there were hundreds of bees.  Although they were able to sting, we found them non-aggressive for the most part.  They seemed to be mostly seeking water.  During the night, it started to rain a little, which got us a bit nervous (being in a river bed with no easy escape route), but after an hour or two, it abated!

The following morning, despite some serious attempts at crossing a boulder jam in the middle of the river bed (we have some scratches on our side door to prove it!), we called it quits and turned around for about 12km until we hit another little dirt track that eventually led us to a main dirt road!

We spent another few days travelling in the back country, camping, and going in search of waterfalls.  We Hammockgot a bit of a scare with Loca, as she disappeared when we were on a hike towards some waterfalls.  We were in the middle of the desert, about 1.5 hours from the truck, on a convoluted trail that we had specially marked on our way in (to ensure that we could find our way back to the truck).  We thought she had been bitten by a snake or scorpion … or perhaps just gotten lost (which was a bad scenario because it was cougar country).  We called her for about half an hour and then decided to head back to the truck.  Lo and behold … an hour and a half later when we arrived at the truck, there was Loca!  We have no idea what made her go back without us … it was very unusual for her … but we were very happy to see her.  And I’m now totally convinved that that dog has one really good sniffer!

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