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Omens and Cats

Written by Robin on Saturday, August 18, 2007

When it rains, it pours. Cats, dogs, and kittens fall from the sky. Or so it seems.

The First: Sometime in the distant past it rained, and yes even lightninged and thundered, just a bit. Sewers overflowed, cats were wet and grumpy, and general mayhem threatened its ugly head. Surely Riley, our good yet anxious canine friend down the street saw it for was it was and hid his 100 lb torso under the bathtub.

The Second: About 6 weeks ago now, the swollen Black-And-White-Cat (yes, that is her dear name) lay down in my sock box, and gave birth to 5 kittens. We all thought they were cute. But Brown-Cat, put out by the sudden population explosion, seemed to know what was coming. She’s been cantankerous since.

The Third: On the evening of July 31st 2007, our friendly Landlady stopped by and gave us our 2 month notice. They’ve decided to tear the house down and build a duplex (in the name of densification, ecodensity, or some silly notion like that – thank you Sam Sullivan). Maybe they just want to make money. Anyhow, apparently the City won’t extend their building application due to some other silly notion called being on strike. So the Landlady has to get on with it. It’s not like we didn’t know – when we moved in we were told it could happen with due notice, and well, here we are.

Finally: On the same evening my mother-in-law Noreen gave me a panicked call wondering where her daughter was, and that she desperately needed to contact her. Raenelle was in the bush near Cassiar in northern BC, completing a wildlife survey for a mining company. She was definitely out of reach.

So, I asked what was wrong: About 24 hours earlier, Raenelle’s dad, not yet 60, had suffered a heart attack. He went to the hospital, was discharged, and then died in his bed at home during the night. Raenelle, her mother, and her sister immigrated to Canada in 1994 from South Africa. Her dad stayed behind, and we never made it a priority to make a trip back. Sadly, I never met him. No one saw this coming.

There was no funeral for us to attend. We continued on with our plans to visit the Oregon Coast. Sometimes there really is nothing else to do than to Free Your Feet. And really, that’s the point. I’m not a Dog, and I’m certaintly no Cat. I don’t have their foresight. How are we to know, us mere humans, blind Homo sapiens sapiens what is in store? How can we take these seemingly random events and put them together to give us the crystal ball we wish we had.

We are bombarded with hints, clues, little morsels of guidance every day, and Opportunity. Do not be governed by fear and caution – take chances! We only have time to lose. Life is the expedition.

In the meantime, I’m going outside in the rain, to play with the Kittens.

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