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Welcome to Peru

Written by Raenelle on Monday, November 10, 2008
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A mid-morning border crossing from Ecuador to Peru proved to be very stress-free and relatively quick.  We spent about 45 minutes standing around waiting for the boss to arrive to sign our Peru vehicle importation permit.  The boss eventually showed up, but apparently it was his birthday, and he was thoroughly inebriated by 10.30am!  Robin tactfully declined an invitation to share in the celebration and have a drink with him, and we were soon on our way.  A brief stop for our passport stamps, and pesticide spray around the truck tires, and we were off.  Welcome to Peru!

Peru!We were unsure of what to expect at the border in terms of getting Loca into the country.  We have two certificates from the vet in Ecuador … one indicating that she has recently received her rabies vaccination, as well as 5 other vaccinations for common dog illnesses.  The second certificate indicates that she received all her necessary shots and anti-parasite medication every month from 1 month old through to 6 months of age.  This second certificate is … um … er … hmm … how do we put it?  A leeeeetle bit of a white lie?  Since we found her on the street, we don´t know anything about her history!

As it turned out, the customs and border guards were petting Loca and enjoying her company during the 45 min wait for the drunk boss, and nary a word was uttered in terms of any special requirements for our furry one.  We have subsequently heard from some other travellers that they have had lots of problems getting their dog across borders (including the Ecuador-Peru border) with all sorts of certificates, permits, fees, etc. being required.  It appears that it’s best to say nothing and hope for the best!  Let’s hope the next few border crossings go just as smoothly!

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