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Welcome to Ecuador

Written by Raenelle on Thursday, October 23, 2008
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After a long day of driving through the gorgeous scenery of southern Colombia, and a stopoff at the impressive Sanctuario Las Lajas, we decided to head for the Ecuador border despite it being very late in the day.Las LajasOur decision to cross at such a late time in the day was primarily based on the fact that it was Friday, and we had heard that one of the highland towns, Otavalo, in northern Ecuador had the largest and most impressive market in all of Ecuador on Saturday mornings.

We arrived at the border at 5pm … only one hour before dark, and the latest that we have ever arrived at a border crossing! Luckily, we were treated to one of the easiest border crossings on this trip to date. We had officially exited Colombia and had imported our vehicle into Ecuador with all the necessary paperwork in about 40 minutes.

After a brief dinner of chicken and rice (no surprise there!) in the border town, we continued driving in the dark for a couple more hours before stopping for the night. We are extremely selective about driving at night … and for the most part we rarely do it … but the Panamericana highway in northern Ecuador was very well-paved and well sign-posted.

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