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In Ecuador …

Written by Raenelle on Monday, November 10, 2008
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We spent a long day travelling most of the length of Ecuador towards the Peru border.  Many little highland towns dotted the countryside along a lesser travelled highland road that we decided to take.

Our time in Ecuador has not been terribly brief, but alot of our time here Moonwas spent on the coast.  There is alot to see in this small, yet extremely diverse country!  A good excuse to come back and see more … sometime in the future!

In Ecuador …

  • There are probably more native fruits and vegetables than anywhere else in the world!
  • People strongly identify with the town that they are from (e.g. there are “Quiteños” from Quito, “Guayeños” from Guayaquil, etc.)
  • You can walk for hours along a beautiful sandy beach, and only see a handful of people.
  • The currency is the US dollar.
  • People seem to either love or hate their president!
  • A constitution is a very different thing compared to in Canada or the USA.
  • There are lots of purebred dogs and the vets are cheap.
  • The main highways are in good condition, and are well sign-posted.
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