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Coastal Ecuador

Written by Raenelle on Saturday, October 25, 2008
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Greetings from the bulge of the earth here at the Ecuator!

We are staying on the mid Ecuador coast for 2 and a half weeks, and we are thoroughly enjoying it! We found a great little cabin to stay in which is right on the beach, and is backed by gorgeous sandstone cliffs. The cabin has a little kitchen, bathroom, bedroom (actually 2 bedrooms), living/dining area and a verandah with deck chairs overlooking the ocean.

Home away from home.It is hard to adequately describe our happiness at being able to cook our own meals in a real kitchen for a while! Although eating at small restaurants and roadside stands over the past few months is an essential cultural experience, we have noticed a distinct lack of vegetables within these meals (with the possible exception of a tablespoon of cabbage here and there). We have developed a deep desire (which we are currently fulfilling) for fresh fruits and vegetables!

We are in 7th heaven at the moment, with the gorgeous sandy beach and ocean at our doorstep. We are inbetween two little towns (San Vincente … 12km to the south, and Canoa … 4km to the north). We usually head to friendly San Vincente for internet, groceries, and some local company. People there now recognize us and are getting to know us!

We have arrived here at the Pacific coast at a good time of year. The high season (August) isEcuador family over, and the beaches are deserted. It is cool by Ecuadorian standards, but essentially this means that it’s the dry season with perpetually overcast skies and slightly cool ocean temperatures. It is definitely still t-shirt and shorts weather, and the best part is that there are very few mosquitos this time of year!

The caretaker (Fidel) and his family (Diana, Lady & Dani) here at the cabins are wonderful, and we enjoy many hours chatting with them. It is improving our Spanish, and we are also learning a lot about Ecuador! Loca is loving the beach and the ocean. She keeps bringing us back prizes of dead, dried fish carcasses! Yum!

We also just met a wonderful couple from Quito, who have offered to show us around Ecuador’s capital city when we return there. We are very much looking forward to it!

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