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Past Mexico City en route to Oaxaca – Aug 6

Written by Raenelle on Sunday, August 24, 2008
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We awoke to the sound of church bells at the plaza, and we managed to get an early start after a somewhat restless night. Another interesting/strange dream left me feeling on-edge, and without a relaxed sleep. This is a common occurrence with me at the start of our expeditions. I sometimes have some quite bizarre and disturbing dreams for a few weeks … and I’ve had a few this trip so far!

After getting some coffee & tea, and a sugar-rush breakfast from a roadside stand (deep fried bread/donut stuffed with toffee/caramel and tossed in sugar – wow!), we hit the road for another long driving day.

CathedralWe successfully navigated our way through Mexico City – although we took the most direct and quickest route through the city, it still took about 2.5 hours to get through the greater metropolis … with a few interesting hair-raising experiences along the way. We (and the New Cruiser) managed to come out the other side of the city unscathed, thanks to Robin’s great defensive driving and my stellar navigational skills!

Shortly outside the city, the sky turned dark and we hit a brief thunderstorm that lasted about 10 mins. It was time to stop for the night, so we went to a small nearby town and found a hotel overlooking the city and large cathedral. We wandered the streets in search of food, but it was 9.30pm and most places were closed. We landed up at the bus station, where we ate hot dogs, and (accidently) a tripe (cow’s intestine) taco – yuk!

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Comment by Dad
August 25, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

Really. the poor cow.

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