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Oaxaca : Aug 7-9

Written by Raenelle on Tuesday, August 26, 2008
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On our way out of the small town, Tlaxcala, we were driving along the highway and did not see a large unmarked speed bump located in the middle of nowhere! We nailed it at about 70km per hour … did a minor nose-dive, and bottomed out in the rear. Oops. About 200km later, something came loose in the rear and started rattling quite severely. We pulled off the highway to discover that our rear cross-member (a steel bar that is connected to the frame rails on each side of the truck, and the bar that the shocks are attached to) had broken off at both ends near the frame. The truck still ran fine without the rear shocks, so there was nothing to do but to continue to Oaxaca and get it repaired there.

Central PlazaBy afternoon, we had arrived in the city of Oaxaca, well known for it’s lively arts and culture. We headed directly for the central plaza (zocalo) where we found hundreds of people milling around under the shady trees, lots of (expensive) streetside cafes and restaurants, and musicians jamming on the sidewalks. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the plaza, walking around town, and found a nice hotel to spend the night (with parking!). Driving is crazy in this city … very narrow streets, buses clogging up the roads everywhere, one-way streets, obscure intersection rules, and people everywhere. There’s also very little parking, and so we were lucky to find a hotel with a secure parking lot below.

The following day, after a relaxing coffee & tea in the morning sunshine at the plaza, we spent the rest of the day getting the broken cross member replaced at a mechanic’s shop. The evening was spent milling around town listening to music, tasting delicious local food, and generally relaxing. Our final day in Oaxaca saw us exploring local marketplaces, relaxing (again) in the plaza listening to local musicians, getting some laundry done, and spending about a gazillion hours updating this website!

Guatemala is a couple of days away …

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