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Near Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara – Aug 5

Written by Raenelle on Friday, August 22, 2008

We awoke to a thunder, lightening, rain and wind outside our window. The ocean was fairly rough, but there was a group of boys boogie-boarding, so we thought we would join them for a dip in the ocean. After we came back inside to get ready to leave Mazatlan, the skies opened and the rain fell. The street outside the hotel flooded to the point where it was about ankle-deep with flowing water!

We left Mazatlan (and hopefully our fuel leak problem) behind us and spent the day driving inland towards Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city (after Mexico City). We managed to bypass the city centre via a highway that circled around the city, but at one point, the highway ended and we found ourselves on narrow cobblestone streets within a small town. We walked around for a bit and chatted to some people, but all concurred that there was definitely no hotel or anywhere to sleep in the small town, so we headed out, just as another lightening and thunder storm hit.

Near GuadalajaraShortly up the road we came across a small town with a few cheap hotels right near the town plaza. In Mexico, most towns have a ‘plaza’ which is usually right downtown, adjacent to the church or cathedral. The plaza is usually the heart of the town, where children run and play under the central gazebo, where folks sit and chat on the surrounding benches, and where food stands abound. Our hotel was one block off the plaza, and so we spent the evening wandering the streets, chatting to some people, and eating delicious food (grilled beef and cow’s tongue along with an assortment of veggies and tortillas). We opted out of the cow’s eyeballs, which are apparently quite delicious, however we tasted cow’s stomach a few days ago and it was really very good. Far superior (in our opinion) to the intestines (tripe) which we’re happy to leave for someone else’s tastebuds to enjoy!

We are at about 1,400m elevation, where the air is cooler and a lot more bearable than elsewhere so far. We put long pants on for the first time this evening … not due to temperature, but more due to a few mosquitos and wet streets from the rain!

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