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Bahia Kino : Jul 31-Aug 2

Written by Raenelle on Monday, August 18, 2008
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Our aim was to spend a couple of days on the beach relaxing because we have many long days of driving through Mexico (and beyond) ahead of us. We happened across a wonderful little hotel across the road from the beach. Our room was like a small bachelor apartment – with kitchen complete with fridge, stove and microwave, an attached sleeping area, and a bathroom. Oh – and I shouldn’t forget … it also had an air-conditioner! There were 6 rooms arranged around a sandy courtyard. Carlos greeted us with an instant smile, warm handshake, and inquiry of where we were from.

Although we had only anticipated staying 2 nights in Bahia Kino, we were just having such a good time relaxing, taking swims in the ocean every few hours, and getting to know the other people staying at the hotel, that we decided to stay another day. Seafood was readily available … whether it be prepared at the many small restaurants or from the many vendors selling fresh seafood near the town pier. Shrimp, scallops, clams and fish were most common, although we also saw crab and lobster at some locations.

We met a wonderful family from Chihauhau (northcentral Mexico) who were on vacation at the coast for a couple of weeks. We spent many hours with them … us learning Spanish and them learning English. In addition, our host and his wife, Carlos & Alexandra, treated us to some wonderful shrimp & marlin tacos, and took us for a drive around town so that we could see and learn more about the town through them. Thanks Carlos & Alexandra for a wonderful visit in Bahia Kino!

We have picked a route from here to the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. It’s the most direct route we could find, and will take us the 2,500km as quickly as possible. Alot of the route is on toll highways, which are relatively well-maintained. We intend to spend the next few days pushing hard to get through the miles, and then hopefully stop to catch our breath in Oaxaca for a couple of nights before heading further south. Onward and southward …

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