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A Visit with Friends Tuscon, Arizona : Jul 27–29

Written by Raenelle on Monday, August 11, 2008
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After relaxing all day at the pool with friends at the resort (and getting slightly sunburnt), we took Mirea and Josh up on their offer to stay with them and spend some time visiting with them in Tuscon. How could we resist the opportunity to spend more time with old (and new) friends?

LynxWe found our way to their house, which is located in a beautiful spot overlooking the city lights at night, and backing onto protected parkland where there are walking trails to the top of the small mountain behind their house. We stayed a couple of days longer than originally anticipated because we were having such a great time with Mirea & Josh. Some of our activities included:

A short hike up to a gorgeous lookout spot to view the sunset.
A visit to the ‘desert museum’, which has a series of walking trails out in the desert where local wildlife (alive … not stuffed!) can be viewed in large enclosures with specifically designed habitat suitable for each animal.
A drive east of Tuscon to take a tour of some fascinating caves located in the middle of the desert.
Delicious lunches & dinners.
A wonderful meal and evening with Dean before he left town.
some of Josh’s superb ‘secret recipe’ margaritas.
Spending time chatting and catching up.
And lots more …

Thanks Mirea & Josh for a wonderful stay in Tuscon!

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