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A Message From Home…

Written by Brown Cat on Saturday, August 16, 2008
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My dear Humans,

I am beginning to suspect that I might not see you again. First I was here, but then you were too, and then we were all there again, and then we were here again and you were too, but now you are not, and I am a bit puzzled.

Unfortunately my partner seems to have gone away with you. I think I should have done that too. There is this rather stupid other Black Cat here, who is ill mannered and selfish and most uncivilised.

Brown Cat.I am always hungry. These humans don’t know how to behave. At least they forgot to close the lid properly on the food box last night, so a little weight applied to one side released a reasonable midnight snack.

They are quite friendly, these humans. One of them tries to talk all the time, but obviously has no clue what he is saying. I even slept with them one night when the stupid other Black Cat was out chasing for the night.

They had some other people in our room, but they didn’t like cats, so that was a terrible night. The new people have put some kind of folksy basket on our bed, but for the moment I prefer a cushioned chair in the kitchen or sometimes a cushion in the family room. Sometimes I use my house outside.

Have you gone away? Or have I just forgotten something? My, it does seem to be a bit confusing.

I can’t help it. I’m just a bit…well, confused.

– Brown Cat

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