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Seybaplaya, Yucatan, Mexico

Written by Raenelle on Thursday, October 30, 2003
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We met a nice guy who owned an internet cafe in a small town, Escarcega. Since he was running the internet business out of his home, he let us use his shower, which was a relief after a few days of driving in stinking hot weather with no way to cool off! We continued north and walked around the coastal city of Campeche which was quite interesting. The whole city was surrounded by a huge wall which was built by the Spanish to protect the townspeople from pirates who continually attacked the city.

We stayed overnight at a beach (Seybaplaya) on the Gulf of Mexico north of Campeche where there were a bunch of little palapa shelters along the beach. We invited the ‘nightwatchman’ over to our truck for dinner (bean tacos with homemade salsa and guacamole is the usual menu) who we sat and chatted with for a few hours while watching the bright stars overhead. Once again, we got to practice our Spanish, and we’re improving greatly.

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