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Santa Rosalillita, Baja California

Written by Raenelle on Tuesday, October 7, 2003
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The Sonoran Desert is really cool. I’ve never really been to a desert, and it was amazing to see all the different types of cacti and plants that grow there. The Sonoran Cacti are huge…often as large as trees. It’s funny to see that there were signposts indicating ranches/farms in the area. Now, how people can grow anything in the middle of the desert is beyond me! Perhaps they occasionally get some rain here, as there were little dips in the road with signs indicating that there may be water crossing the road at the bottom of the dip! Also, we passed a large shallow lake of sorts further south in the desert, and we got our first spattering of rain too!Santa Rosalillita

We managed to find a nice small secluded beach at which to camp for the last 2 nights, and we witnessed the most amazing sunset ever. It’ll be hard to beat! We’ve also taken out first ‘real’ showers (enough water in a basin to actually wash our hair) since we left San Diego a week ago!  Gee – and I was so looking forward to not washing my hair for 4 months!!

We’re hitting Guerrero Negro tomorrow morning, and since it’s the last semi-large town we’ll hit for another week or more, we’re hoping to get internet access so we can share our news. We’re still only half way down the Baja!

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