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Esteli, Nicaragua

Written by Raenelle on Saturday, November 29, 2003
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We spent about 3 hours at the border between Honduras and Nicaragua, but since we got stuck there over lunch time, we were sitting doing nothing from noon till 1pm. We proceeded to the nearby town of Esteli where we stopped for the night. We didn’t clue into the fact that we were crossing the border on a Saturday, Kids in Esteliso by the time we arrived in Esteli all the banks were closed till Monday, and there was nowhere in town to cash traveller’s cheques. We spent a bunch of time trying to trick the only ATM in town to give us some cash using our Canadian bank card (on the Plus system), but it just wasn’t happening. We had the equivalent of about $2 US cash on us, so we went around town for a few hours – mostly from hotel to hotel trying to convince them to cash some traveller’s cheques. We eventually sat down on the sidewalk, hungry and tired, contemplating what to do next when the hotel owner who had refused to cash our traveller’s cheques 10 minutes earlier came out and told us that he would cash them for us. Yay!It was already dark, and we managed to find an extremely cheap and somewhat run down ‘hotel’ for the night. It cost $4 US for both of us, including secure parking for the truck. We met three Nicaraguan men who were driving a Landcruiser (rented) and we all went out for a great dinner. The three men worked for the Nicaraguan government and were travelling throughout Nicaragua talking to poor families and assessing the state of poverty in the country. It was interesting to talk to them as we had already been approached by a number of street children earlier in the day asking for money.

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