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New Cruiser: Expeditions

The travels of an all aluminum Land Cruiser and its owners…

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Chinandega, Nicaragua

Written by Raenelle on Sunday, November 30, 2003

In the morning we checked our e-mail and then headed southwest towards the coast. We passed some really big volcanoes and landed up in the fairly large town of Chinandega. We stayed overnight at a hotel (there are no campgrounds in these towns and the hotels are just as cheap as campgrounds anyway), and went to check out the town. The town was not too bad, but the market area was very dirty and by far the filthiest marketplace we have yet seen. There was lots of garbage and rotting fruit and vegetables in the gutters – where the stench actually made us feel a little sick to the stomach. The rest of the town was cleaner and we had a great dinner and then stopped off at the basketball court where lots of people were gathered and we watched the semi-finals of some basketball league in the area.

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