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Bahai Majugual, Nicaragua

Written by Raenelle on Friday, December 5, 2003
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In the morning, we returned to the coast (via a main paved road this time), passed through San Juan del Sur, and continued north up the coast where there were some beautiful white sandy beaches and great waves. We camped for three nights at Bahai Majugual which is a hostel/campground run by an Australian guy. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed with the place – terrible food at the restaurant which was way ovOn the beacherpriced, attempts to add extra charges onto your bill hoping that you won’t notice, and a 10% service charge on top of it all when you check out, which we were told we didn’t have to pay when we checked in (we were camping). Just alot of scamming going on which left a very bad taste in our mouths. Unfortunately, this place was one of the few places to stay, and the only place to get food, so if you are planning on going to Bahai Majugual, just be prepared and check your bill at the end!However, having said all that, we have to mention that the beaches in the area were really nice. Gorgeous sandy beaches, where we strung the hammock under a tree in the shade and relaxed all day, went swimming and enjoyed the scorching sun.

We met four Canadians, Megan, Dan, Anya and Marlo, and Marlo’s German cousin, Hanna. They were kind enough to let us try out their surfboards that they had rented for a few days, so we hit the surf …. and got tossed around for a coupla hours. Surfing is alot harder than it looks – now how exactly do they get up onRobin Surfing their feet? We got to the point where we were almost able to stand up and ride a wave in, but not quite. Robin stuck with it for alot longer than I did, and I could see him improving the longer he worked at it. Finally, absolutely exhausted and hungry (no wonder surfers are in such good shape), we returned to the campground and vegged out for the rest of the day. In the evening, we met a wonderful couple originally from Argentina, Rama and Cindy, who are backpacking from Argentina up to Hawaii (where they live). We stayed up late, talking on the beach, and then it was time to get some sleep before hitting the border the next day! In the morning, we returned to San Juan del Sur with Rama and Cindy where we all had breakfast before we went our separate ways and we headed for the Costa Rica border.

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