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Danli, Honduras

Written by Raenelle on Friday, November 28, 2003
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In the afternoon, we went to Parque National Celaque, which was quite a nice place to go hiking. There was a long 7 hour trail to the top of the highest mountain in Honduras, but that just sounded like too much work! Actually, it was getting dark, so we just went for a two hour hike which took us along the river and up towards a waterfall. It was very pretty, but we decided to leave the next morning and head to Nicaragua. Driving across Honduras from Gracias took about six hours.

Honduras probably has the busiest and most dangerous roads in all of Mexico and Central America so far. That doesn’t mean that they are really dangerous – it just means that we felt least comfortable driving in Honduras. Probably because there is really only one highway across the country from west to east, and it goes through the huge capital city. There is tons of traffic around the capital, and loads of large semi trucks which slow the traffic down alot. Honduras is also quite hilly, so there are constant ups and downs and some windy roads. Since people don’t like getting stuck behind big trucks (ourselves included), there is lots of dangerous and ‘illegal’ passing going on. Nevertheless, we made it across the country and stayed overnight at a cheap, but nice hotel in a small town, Danli, near the border.

Pine forestsWe went out for dinner at a little local eatery (comedore) and went back to the hotel. Believe it or not, we had a tv in our room, so we decided to try and find some international news to learn what is happening in the world outside Central America. Well, that was the end of that. We couldn’t find any news, but there were plenty of good movies, which we proceeded to watch until about 2am. We thoroughly messed up our sleeping pattern – damn those silly black boxes!

Our visit in Honduras was very short, but we had the most amazing time. We have yet to meet another traveller in Central America who vaugely likes Honduras. Everyone we have met on our travels has spoken very negatively of Honduras (with the exception of the Bay Islands on the Carribean side of the country). We’re not sure why this is so, but can only conclude that the main tourist route through the country from west to east along the highway brings backpackers into contact with a large Honduran population which is not too fond of tourists.

We spent most of our time in Honduras in the small town of Gracias Lempira which is not on the main highway. The town is in the western part of the country, but is reached by a paved road which is probably well serviced by local buses. We are convinced that Gracias is fairly unique and not representative of the rest of Honduras. Believe us when we say that the people of Gracias are some of the most friendly people you will ever meet, and the community really is full of smiles, friendly words and happy children. It’s a great place to spend some time!

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