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Lago de Izabel, Guatemala

Written by Raenelle on Wednesday, November 19, 2003
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We left our gorgeous lake this morning and headed south towards some hot springs that we have read about which are located near the largest lake in Guatemala, Lago de Izabal. We had to stop along the way to get our exhaust reconnected (2 bolts sheared off – it wasn’t anything major), although one of the men that was helping us was as drunk as a skunk and was horrible to be around! The other man overcharged us for the work that his assistant did, and we were off again.

Next thing – the skies opened and our windshield wipers decided to stop working in the middle of a tHot Riverorrential downpour. We stopped on the side of the road when the rain stopped and Robin tried to repair them as best he could (apparantly an important little plastic piece has broken and is no longer working properly). The skies opened again before Robin was finished, so he got thoroughly soaked before getting back into the truck! Unfortunately, the wipers only worked for a few minutes before the little plastic piece slipped out again, and we were once again wiper-less. Hmm – will have to come up with some other plan here.

We eventually made it to the hot springs, but it was getting dark, so we’ll wait till tomorrow to go and enjoy them. We camped at a little house on the lake (we had to pay some little boys to let us pass through the road … nothing is free in this country), and enjoyed the company of the owners of the house before going to sleep.

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