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South of Islita, Costa Rica

Written by Raenelle on Tuesday, December 9, 2003
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In the morning, we travelled south and explored the coastline. There are a number of gorgeous beaches on the west coast of the peninsula and we stopped briefly to check some of them out. We continued south and just before dark, we took a 4×4 track towards the ocean and stumbled across a wonderful sandy beach with nobody around. We parked in a little palm grove, set up the tent, strung the hammock, made a campfire and relaxed. We spent two days at the beach, hopping in and out of the water a few times a day, reading books, going for walks, and doing … not much else.

Private beachThe beach was completely secluded, with the exception of two small boats that came in the first day for a few hours and a traveller from California. The man from California had rented a little 4×4 and had managed to drive through to the beach. He arrived after dark and was a little worried about camping there for the night – he drove up and down the beach a few times, stopping to talk to us and ask us whether we thought it was safe to camp there, and then he left. A little later, he approached our campsite on foot with a flashlight – apparantly he had decided to leave the beach, but had gotten stuck in the big mud pool on the way out. Robin headed off with the truck and winched him out, which the man was very grateful for, and then Robin headed back to enjoy dinner and the campfire.

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