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Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Written by Raenelle on Thursday, December 11, 2003
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We continued our journey further south and stumbled across a grove of guava trees on a secluded beach at IguanaPlaya Teresa, near the southern tip of the peninsula. Once again, we stopped for two days and enjoyed the sun, surf, sand, hammock and a campfire. This campsite was amazing! There was a group of howler monkeys in the trees right above us eating fruit and dropping the pips down around us. One of the monkeys had a little baby clinging to its belly! We got out our binoculars and were enjoying the presence of the monkeys when we heard a loud racket of chirping about 100m away. We looked over and saw a group of 6 parrots sitting in a tree chirping and chattering away. They were small bright green parrots with bright red, yellow and blue patches on their heads and wings (see White-Fronted Parrot, Amazona albifrons). It was amazing – the abundance of wildlife right around us – there were iguanas all over the place, and one friendly guy came up to within 2m of us, sniffed around our garbage, and sat sunning on a rock, watching us out of the corner of his eye for a coupla hours!

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