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Marriott Hotel near Jaco, Costa Rica

Written by Raenelle on Friday, December 12, 2003
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We set off early in the morning and caught an early ferry over from Peninsula de Nicoya across to mainland Costa Rica. The ferry ride was just over an hour long, and we sat in a nice air-conditioned seating area the whole way – it is very humid here, and you can’t help but sweat when you are on the move! The ferry was fairly small, and so the cars and trucks were boxed in together – some actully touching their neighbours!

Ferry tripOn the way to the ferry, our power steering started to go, so we were very worried that the power steering pump had a leak (a very expensive item to replace and almost definitely impossible to replace in this part of the world). When we disembarked the ferry, we were happy to discover that the problem was only a loose bolt on the pump where the fluid had leaked out. We tightened the bold, filled up the pump with fluid again and we were on our way. We really have been lucky on this trip (it’s not luck, I guess – it’s just a well-built truck) because we have had no major problems with the truck at all.

We hooked up with our friends that we had met in Guatemala (Ben and Lisa) in a small town just north of Jaco. They were staying at the Marriott Hotel for the night (a gift from their family – a nice break from rough travelling for them). They invited us to stay the night with them, so we crashed on the floor in their hotel room and took advantage of all the amenities that the Marriott offered. We hadn’t showered in 5 days (only swam in the sea), so the hot showers at the Marriott were a real treat! This was the third hot shower that we have had on this whole trip so far (over two and a half months). We went swimming in the pools, had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant, and then spent the rest of the night playing cards and chatting. Thanks Lisa and Ben for sharing the Marriott with us!

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