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New Cruiser: Expeditions

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Jaco, Costa Rica

Written by Raenelle on Wednesday, December 17, 2003

We set off for the nearby beach town of Jaco, where Ben and Lisa found a good deal on a two-bedroom Jaco Apartmentapartment. The apartment is in a small complex of attached ground-level apartments with secure parking and a swimming pool right outside our front door. It’s just outside Jaco – just too far to walk into town, but just far enough to be away from all the other tourists! We decided to stay a week here and we’ll be leaving here on Friday, Dec 19th. Our first day in Jaco, we went just south of town and followed a dirt road up the mountainside and continued going up, up, up. There was pastureland everywhere – bright green grass where jungle once stood. The view of the beaches and ocean far below us was absolutely spectacular. We continued along the road, which became progressively narrower and more overgrown. We had just gotten out of the truck to go for a walk when we heard voices (in the middle of nowhere). Ben climbed a big tree and saw four guys with rifles in a field below. We then heard them shoot up into a tree, but we couldn’t see what they were hunting. Needless to say, we decided to forget the walk – we really didn’t want to run into men with rifles – besides, it was getting dark soon …

The following day, we slept in and then had a wonderful breakfast together (it’s so great having a kitchen with a fridge). We sat and chatted till after noon and then went into town and stocked up on a Chess in Jacobunch of groceries for the next few days and explored town a little more. We had a great dinner in the evening and then settled down to watch a movie that we had rented. The following morning was a surfing day for us! We went into town early and rented two surfboards and then headed south of town to a beach where there were big waves! It was sunny and hot, and we spent the day surfing, lying in the sun and swimming. Lisa perfected boogie-boarding in on the waves on the surfboard while Ben, Robin and I tried our luck at surfing. After getting knocked around by the waves alot, we all managed to improve our surfing skills and we had a good time. We went into town for some lunch and then drove south again to explore another beach in the area. In the evening, Robin made some great tacos for dinner and then we watched another rented movie. We are all feeling a little pickled the next day – we didn’t realize how hot the sun was – and our faces are … just a little bit red!

Today we are relaxing from the strenuous activities (i.e. surfing and relaxing) of yesterday. Robin’s lying in the hammock with his nose in a book, and I have just been for a swim. The sun has come out again and we’re planning on doing nothing for the rest of the day. Costa Rica’s beautiful – it’s going to be hard to turn around and head north in a few weeks!

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