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Arenal, Costa Rica

Written by Raenelle on Saturday, December 27, 2003
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On Boxing Day, we had to be jump-started in the morning because we had left our fridge running too long on the batteries the last couple of days! A friendly Landrover jumped us, and we were soon on our way north through Costa Rica, up to 3,500m elevation along the continental divide, and then through the capital city of San Jose, and onward! We spent the night at the small town of Sarchi which is famous for their handicrafts at a great little property with a restaurant, a river and a duck pond.

SarchiIn the morning, we drove to Volcano Arenal – the most active volcano in Costa Rica. Apparantly you can see the red lava flowing down the side of the volcano at night – that is …. if it’s not FOGGED IN! We saw the huge conical volcano in the afternoon, but by the time it got dark, the fog had come in and the whole volcano was under cloud! No flowing lava for us. Too bad! But, we did get to spend the night camping with a large Tico (Costa Rican) family on a river bed near the volcano! They were a great family – they made a huge campfire to cook their dinner, and we all spent the night telling jokes and laughing together! Sometimes we wish we could speak more Spanish, as we could only understand half of what was being said! This family was the first real Ticos that we have met the whole time we have been in Costa Rica. There are so many Americans living in Costa Rica that we haven’t had the opportunity to meet Ticos, except for when we left the beaches and came inland.

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