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Placencia, Belize

Written by Raenelle on Thursday, November 13, 2003
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In the morning, we went to Cisco and Jackie’s house to say goodbye and to thank them for their generosity in letting us camp so many nights at the marina. They invited us into their home and we had breakfast together. Jackie offered to do our laundry (because most of our stuff was wet and needed to be washed), while Cisco took us back to the marina site to show us the wonderful museum that they are building. It is a really amazing endeavour – they are building an interactive museum of sorts where you can walk Cisco's girls & Raenellethrough a number of different scenes, each depicting a different theme of Belizean history. There is no museum in Belize and so this is a great way for visitors to be introduced to what Belize is really all about. Cisco is making it quite interactive where you can really experience the place. It will be wonderful to come back in a few years and see it when it is all finished.

We spent the rest of the day at Cisco and Jackie’s home, relaxing and talking to Jackie and Cisco’s parents who all live on site where the headquarters of their construction business is located. In the afternoon Robin went with Cisco and his dad to a property auction and also got a tour of the local prison where Ciso’s dad is the main director of the youth facility. In the evening, we spent time with Cisco and Jackie’s four daughters, who were such a thrill to be around. They have a wonderful family, and it was great to share a day or two with them!

We spent the next day hanging out some more and then going into Belize City with Jackie, Mama Cita (Cisco’s mom) and Samantha (Cisco’s sister). We also managed to dry our stuff out during the few hours of sunshine that came out in the afternoon. In the evening we went to the citrus farm again where we stayed overnight and walked to their private waterfall in the morning – beautiful.

Placencia was the next destination for us, which was down south on the coast. It’s a little peniCisco and R&Rnsula where lots of people head to when they visit Belize. We weren’t utterly unimpressed with the place – the beach wasn’t that nice (we’ve been spoilt in Mexico), and it seemed as though there were Americans everywhere that had snapped up all the property on the peninsula (a common theme, it seems, throughout the areas we’ve travelled). We found a nice place to camp, then left early the next morning for a biological research station on the other side of the country.

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