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Francisco’s Citrus Farm, Belize

Written by Raenelle on Monday, November 10, 2003
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The morning after the big storm, all of our gear was thoroughly soaked, including all the carpets in the truck etc. (you get the picture). We packed up and headed inland towards Cisco’s citrus farm where he said weToucan could hang out and spend time at the waterfall on the property. The farm was about 2 hours from Belize City. On the way, we stopped at the Belize Zoo which is quite famous for its conservation efforts. We walked around the well maintained zoo where animals were kept in fairly large cages and surrounded by as much natural habitat as possible. We saw all sorts of animals including parrots, crocodiles, tapirs, ocelots, tigrets, cougars, anteaters, wild pigs, and (our favourite) a couple of jaguars. The spotted jaguar was lazing high in a tree, but the black jaguar was pacing right in front of us. It was sad to see them encaged, but it certainly was a treat to see them – so beautiful and tranquil … looked just like a big house cat, but obviously looks can be deceiving!

We had lunch at a small restaurant in the Belize capital, Belmopan, and then went to the citrus farm where we were treated to accomodations of a large empty concrete-floored one-room house. We were happy to have shelter and we unpacked the whole truck and removed the tent from the roof as well. Just as we got everything inside and had spread everything out to dry, the rain came down in buckets again, and we just sat listening to it hitting the metal roof above us. Robin and Noreen strung the hammock from the rafters and we sat and talked till late. Noreen slept on the floor on a cheap bright pink blow-up mattress that is designed to go in the water, Robin slept in the hammock for half the night, then joined me on a small mattress in one corner of the room. Poor mom – here she thought she was coming to Central America for a nice relaxing holiday, but here she was sleeping on the floor of a little hut with a wet blanket! There’s nothing quite like roughing it. It was then that we realized that for those of you who think that this trip has been nothing but peaches and cream for us so far, that’s not the case. We’re having a great time, but we’re definitely not living in style – not by any means. But then, we wouldn’t have it any other way, now would we?

The next morning, we spent a bunch of time relaxing and chatting some more and then packed up and Cisco's waterfallreturned to Belize City in time to eat a great chinese food dinner (poor mom again – didn’t get to experience much of the local cuisine either) before dropping Noreen off at the bus station. A long bus ride ahead of her, and a very long flight, we were very sad to see her go, and were especially sad that it had been a quick and wet trip for her! But, she was all cheery and seemed happy enough that she had been wet for three days and had been bitten to death by all manner of flying insects (the proof was in the welts on her legs).

We went back to the marina where Marie let us stay in her little house for the night (our mattress and sleeping gear was still wet). That night, it rained and rained and rained again! We are beginning to wonder whether the rest of Central America will be like this. Apparantly this is supposed to be the dry season, but we’ve hit a really wet patch here in Belize. Everyone keeps telling us that this is not normal for this time of year, so we’re hoping they’re right. We don’t really mind the rain too much, except that we lost our heavy-duty tarp that covers our tent in Mexico. It keeps the tent dry when it’s packed up and while we’re driving – so now if it rains, the water leaks into the tent and wets the mattress completely! We’ve rigged up another tarp system, but in the meantime, our stuff is still wet. We just haven’t had any sun to dry it out!

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