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Belize City, Belize

Written by Raenelle on Saturday, November 8, 2003
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We’re so used to travelling in Mexico where distances between places are really large, and it always takes alot of time to get anywhere. It’s hard for us to comprehend how small Belize really is. Belize has a population of about 250,000, and relatively few roads! There are only three main highways in the country and it takes very little time to get around.

Noreen overlooking ruinsWe went to visit our second ruins site which was very different from Chitchen Itza in Mexico. Altun Ha was much smaller and most of the structures had not been fully restored (i.e. the jungle and trees still covered alot of the buildings). We spent about an hour climbing some of the structures and talking to the gatekeeper, Denis, who came and kept us company and gave us an unofficial tour and told us all he knew about the site and the Mayans that had lived there.

The mosquitos at Altun Ha were really bad, and we were being eaten alive. I’ve read the Belize is the highest malaria risk country in all of Central America – the entire country harbours the plamodium-containing Anopheles mosquito, except perhaps within the relatively large Belize City on the central east coast. We have chosen not to take any conventional malaria medication, but are occasionally taking homeopathic stuff for malaria. We haven’t had any problems yet!

In the afternoon, we continued our journey south to Belize City. We stopped at the airport to check out flights from Belize City to Cancun for Noreen (she flies out of Cancun in 4 days, and we were hoping that she wouldn’t have to bus all the way back to Cancun from Belize). No such luck – to get to Cancun involved a lengthy trip flying to Guatemala and then back to Mexico … and they didn’t have flights on the day she had to leave anyways! So, we went to Belize City and were looking for a campsite just west of the city as it was getting dark. We were having difficulties finding a good place to camp, and were pulling back onto the main road when we spotted a great looking white landcruiser. Robin and the other driver exchanged waves and then pulled off the road to chat.

Francisco (Cisco) invited us to camp at his marina just down the road, which we eagerly accepted. He and his daughter Carolyn were heading to the marina to go for a ride on a jet-ski. We set up camp on a long spit that extended out into the water and hung out at the little restuarant in the evening, sitting and chatting to Carolyn, Cisco, his wife Jackie, and Marie who worked at the restuarant. We had a great time!

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