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The travels of an all aluminum Land Cruiser and its owners…

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A number of people have expressed interest in supporting Raenelle and I on our trip through South America this year. To be honest it feels a little awkward – I’m not usually one to take hand outs.

But here I am writing this, faced with the task of convincing you that a few of your dollars are going to be put to better use in our hands than in yours. The best I can do is try to tell you about the essence of our travels. You can always read about what we do on the road in our posts, but really, it’s more than an itinerary.

When we begin a life expedition we start by relaxing. We think, we dream, hope, and spend time and effort re-creating ourselves. And then one day we awake with clear heads and hearts, ready to start communicating to a world that differs from our daily routine at home. We get in touch with people and cultures we don’t know or haven’t seen. We make friends and connections. We tell stories of home, and listen to stories of places far away.

We teach our language, and we learn another. We trade food for shelter, a mealtime for a home. We speak with words, with hands, and with actions. Our eyes are wide, our ears are keen. To renew yourself is to become alert to all that moves and lives around you, to feel and breathe the world with your whole being.

We could take our savings and go to Club Med, but instead we believe our time and effort is much better spent making connections between our lives at home, and others’ lives far away. We hope you feel the same way.

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